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Außerdem profitieren SSDs im Raid nicht mehr von den erwähnten Trim-Befehlen: Das Betriebssystem kann dem Laufwerk nicht mehr mitteilen, welche Blöcke im Flash-Speicher belegt sind und von der SSD Raid 5 Trim Support? Configuration? Server 2008 devinnoel: That was a very largely misunderstood erterpitation on intels new drivers, a small txt file stating support for SSD disk trim even though the raid controller has configured 1 set of raid. So bacicly what intel was saying: we now support trimm for single disks event though you also have configured raid on your storrage controller. Intel Brings TRIM to RAID-0 SSD Arrays on 7-Series Motherboards,

Edit: For some systems, Intel now supports passing the TRIM command to SSDs in RAID-0. The requirements are: A 7-series motherboard (6-series chipsets are  How to set up SSD raid and TRIM support? - Ask Ubuntu For example, use a RAID 1 SSD array to house the filesystem journal while the I'm running Ubuntu 12.04.5 with the 3.8 kernel on an MD RAID0 14.04 is the first release to enable TRIM support out-of-the-box but it's trivial  Is TRIM supported in RAID 5 on an H730? - Dell Community 20 Jul 2018 I can't find any documentation that supports or denies support of TRIM through a hardware RAID5 config running Windows Server. What levels  Solid State Drives - FAQ

SSD HW Raid 10 or ZFS Raid 10 SSD | Proxmox Support Forum 13 Mar 2016 Only for completeness: ZFS does currently not support TRIM in Linux. I would recommend another Raid, for example Raid 5 or Raid6, (ZFS: 2x M.2 SSDs to 2.5" SATA (6Gbps) RAID Adapter

Using SSD Trim on a Synology NAS - NAS Compares Thought SSD Trim support is available on several NAS server devices, it is worth remembering the following: SSD TRIM is only available on certain Synology NAS models and RAID types. Some SSD models are not able to perform SSD TRIM on RAID 5 and RAID 6 volumes. SSD TRIM cannot be enabled in the following situations: Forum - How to create an SSD RAID0 with TRIM support using an Win-Raid Forum (Drivers - Firmware - Modding) » BIOS Modding » BIOS modules (PCI ROM, EFI and others) » How to create an SSD RAID0 with TRIM support using an Intel 6-Series Chipset Topic settings Print view SSD Raid 0, no trim? big deal? | TechPowerUp Forums IRST is the driver for the SATA controller on the M/B, and it is believed that the upcoming version 11.5 of the driver will enable support for TRIM with RAID 0. TRIM is meant to maintain the performance of an SSD, SSD performance degrades overtime as the drive becomes more full and the blocks have to be rearranged more frequently when writing

Trim is easy to implement for a single SSD, but for parity RAID, the implementation would be quite complex. Thus far, no hardware RAID controller supports Trim functionality. This shortcoming can be easily worked around, however: Most enterprise SSDs natively come with a comparatively large spare area, which is why Trim support hardly matters Check and Enable or Disable SSD TRIM Support in Windows 10 | It must have a SSD with TRIM enabled firmware and a BIOS/UEFI storage controller set to AHCI/SATA mode. The following tutorial mainly aims at checking, enabling or disabling TRIM support for SSD but the same commands can be used for the previous versions as well. Steps to Check and Enable or Disable SSD TRIM Support in Windows 10. 1. HighPoint SSD7101A-1 NVMe RAID Controller Review – Samsung and HighPoint SSD7101A-1 NVMe RAID Controller Review – Samsung and Toshiba M.2 SSDs Tested Les Tokar September 10, 2017 14 Comments When it comes to storage management, RAID configurations of some kind have proven to be top dog when it comes to performance. SSD Systemplatte + Konventionelles Raid5 mit TRIM möglich

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SSD products. Consumer SSD Performance Enhancement & Maintenance FAQs. Does Windows XP support the TRIM feature? No, only Windows 7 and  SSD trim on RAID not possible | Synology Community The SSD Volume is supposed to host an iSCSI target which will contain, MX500 drives on Synology don't support TRIM when in RAID5/6  TRIM SSD | Synology Inc.

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