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16 Sep 2008 The distro installs all the needed drivers and makes your 701 work well with Linux. certainly smaller in numbers than the ones using GTK+ under Linux. The Eee PC 701 has 23 hours of standby (sleep) battery life, and 9  10 Netbook-oriented Linux Distributions and Counting | Tech 9 Dec 2009 Eebuntu is originally made for Asus Eeepc series of netbooks and works out of the box on ASUS Eee PC 700, 701, 900, 900A, 901, 904HD,  distribution choice - What are suitable distros for the Asus EEE

How to install Ubuntu or Kubuntu on EEE PC 701, 900, 901 via USB stick and I tried several methods to get Linux on the stick, but the absolute easiest way is also select some standard distros from the list, if you prefer another distribution). EeePc 701 | Io e Il Pinguino - Conky Fashion Asus Eee PC 701 con Xandros, Installare programmi con Synaptic. di default, rendendola del tutto simile (almeno nell'aspetto) ad una classica distro Linux. miglior distro per eeepc 4g 701 sd – il Blog su GNU/Linux 6 mag 2014 Come si può capire dal titolo parlo oggi della miglior soluzione per un netbook (il primo con una diffusione vasta) di prima generazione, l'asus  Waldorf - Eee PC 701 4G (Page 1) / Help & Support (Testing

I have an Asus EEE PC 701 4G - one of the original ones - and would like to install a new OS on it. What options are out there? I'm looking for: Easy to use (it's for Leeenux 2.0 the best linux for your eeepc 701 - Chembytes

Puppeee: Puppy for your Eee PC -

I migliori sistemi operativi per Asus Eee PC | Very Tech Gli Asus Eee PC sono una gamma di netbook sviluppati e commercializzati in maniera congiunta da Intel e Asus. Asus può essere tranquillamente definita come la principale azienda produttrice di netbook al mondo. Ma cosa differenzia un netbook da un normale notebook? I netbook, definiti anche ultraportatili, sono computer portatili particolari DebianEeePC/Model/701 - Debian Wiki The model 701 (listed in Asus literature as the model 4G) and related models (2G surf, 4G surf, and 8G) are the oldest models, and therefore most of this wiki was written with them in mind. Exceptions for newer models are noted in each page where appropriate.

Linux on the Asus EeePC - Because the Eee PC does not have a CD-ROM drive and Ubuntu (as of this writing) only comes as a live CD image, you will need to create a bootable flash drive to install Ubuntu on the Eee PC. The Ubuntu website gives instructions on how to download an Ubuntu disk image and create a bootable USB drive on an existing Linux system. If you have no What is the best distro for an Asus EEE Pc 901? : linux For Hardy, I went with an EEE-specialized distro (I forget which); for Lucid I just used the normal desktop install. Nice thing about a "standard" distro is, well, apt-get just works. On both distros, I ran Firefox, eclipse, myswl server, pg server, whatever.

19.12.2007 · EeePC701(台湾版キーボード)にUbuntuをインストールして、Wi-fiで接続し、Youtubeを再生するまでを動画にしてみました。 導入を考えている人にとっ Linux on Asus eeePC 701 | MajorGeeks.Com Support Forums This is the problem i am facing with my pci-e mini ssd it won't boot from it and it won't install linux to it.. I would benefit much more from the speed of the ssd and that is exactly why i bought it. I like this eee pc model i haven't been able to find another 7'' laptop with its design and layout. EeePc, qual’è la distro migliore? | Ivan Bortolin World

Nach der Installation von Xubuntu (auf dem ASUS Eee PC R105) müssen keine weiteren Treiber nachinstalliert werden. Hibernate (Ruhezustand) funktioniert leider nicht. Man kann das Netbook bloß in den Sleep Mode schicken. Multimedia Leistung. So lässt sich ein 360p Video auf einem Asus Eee PC R105 Netbook mit Xubuntu Linux ruckelfrei abspielen [Update] Xandros Linux v1.6.1 für Eee PC 701/900A - Auf dem Eee PC 900A bereits vorinstalliert, kann die neue Xandros Linux Version 1.6.1. auch von Anwendern des Eee PC 4G genutzt werden. Neben einigen neuen und aktualisierten Programmen wurden lästige Bugs beseitigt, für deren Umgehung teils aufwendige Workarounds nötig waren. Linux on the Asus EeePC -

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